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Máy phát điện Mitsubishi 825 Kva Standby

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Máy phát điện Mitsubishi 825 Kva Standby

Engine Engine manufacturer Mitsubishi Engine model S6R2-PTAA Configuration 4-Cycle;in line;6-Cylinder Diesel,Water cooled; Aspiration Turbo-Charged, After Cooler Gross engine power output -- kWm 655 BMEP at set rated load -- kPa 1744 Bore -- mm 170 Stroke -- mm 220 Rated speed -- rpm 1500 Piston speed -- m/s 11 Compression ratio 14:1 Lube oil capacity -- L 94 Overspeed limit -- rpm 1800 ±50 Regenerative power -- kWm 64 Governor type Electronic Starting voltage 24 Volts DC Fuel flow Recommended fuel ASTM NO.2-D Governor Type Mechancial Max fuel transfer pump suction--(m) 0.9 Oil system Oil system capacity--(L) 94 Recommended oil API-CD OR BETTER Oil normal temperature--(℃) 110 Oil consumption at 100% load--(l/h) 1.4 Air Combustion air -- m 3 /min 66 Exhaust Exhaust flow--(m3 /min) 159 Exhaust temperature--(oC) ≤500 Allowable restriction--(kPa) 5.88 Frequency : 50Hz Fuel Type : Diesel The above information is only for reference purpose and shall constitute no restraint to us. No further notice shall be given upon any change of the information, We reserve the authority for final revision. Exhaust pipe diameter--(mm) 218 Standard set-mounted radiator cooling Radiator and engine capacity--(L) 132 Fan power--(kW) 20 Fan Air flow--(m3 /min) 1040 Coolant normal temperature--(oC) 71-85 Max water temperature--(oC) 98 Type of coolant Glycol Alternator Alternator manufacturer Stamford Alternator model LVI634B Control System PMG and Brushless Insulation class H Temperature Rise H Rated Power Facror 0.8 Winding Pitch Two Thirds Voltage adjust scope ≥±5% Weight--(kg) 1950 A.V.R. MX321 Protection IP 23 Stator Winding Double layer Concentric Winding Leads 12 Voltage regulation ≤±10% Bearing number 1 Cooling Air--(m3 /sec) 2.18 Weights* Open Enclosed Unit wet weight kgs 5386 N.A. * Weights represent a set with standard features. See outline drawing for weights of other configurations Dimensions Length "A" Width "B" Height "C" Standard open set dimensions, mm 4080 1715 1985 Control Panel Manual Control Panel: Auto Control Panel: Remote control Panel: Manual start Voltage, Current, Frequency, Battery voltage, Hour meter, Charger Alternator Voltage and Speed(R.P.M) can be displayed by means of LCD Emergency stop pushbutton Manual and auto start The parameter of Voltage, Current, Frequency, Battery voltage, Hour meter, Charger Alternator Voltage and Speed(R.P.M) can be displayed on LCD screen Emergency stop push button All the parameter can display on LCD screen It includes all the function of manual and auto control panel. Detect RPM of the gen-set, active power, power factor and so on. It also can detect main parameter, include main voltage, main frequency. Event and performance log 

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0911.77.08.78 - 0907.526.268

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