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Máy phát điện Mitsubishi 2100 Kva Standby

Mã sản phẩm : Mitsubishi-2100kva
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Mô tả : Máy phát điện Mitsubishi 2100 Kva Standby

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Model: HH-MGS800 (Mitsubishi engine made in Japan + Stamford Transmitter - British Standard + Soundproof cover and cabinet ATS - Vietnam) - Generator can be changed on request
Mitsubishi generator sets
Condition: 100% New
Continuous / Standby capacity: 800kva / 880Kva
Origin: Mitsubishi genuine Japan factory located in Singapore, China,
Engine: S6R2-PTA-S - made in Japan.
Transmitter: MG-H6H Stamford
 Control panel: MGS brand LCD control panel - Made in Europe, Or DEEPSEA - Made in UK: Displaying specifications, managing the running process, ECU control, Protect the machine during running. There was a problem running the machine. Helps protect the generator and makes the troubleshooting process quick and accurate.
Anti-noise cover: Imported synchronously, or made in Vietnam. Made according to G7 noise resistance standards: According to Mitsubishi's all-weather design standards, the lowest noise level (dBA <= 78 at a distance of 7m) is ensured (Ensuring noise in public areas & crowded), easy operation and maintenance with large doors on both sides. Standard exhaust system suitable for densely populated areas.
Electric starter system: Battery - 24 V. Axial-type starter motor, generator recharged battery, high-capacity lead-acid battery, battery tray mounted on generator frame and connecting cable connect.
Voltage: 220-380V
Number of phases: 3 phase - 4 wire.
Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
Rotation speed: 1500 rpm (1500v / p) - (engine speed).
Power factor: cosΦ 0.8
Insulation level: H.
Protection level: IP23.
Voltage stability ≤ ± 0.5%
Load from 0-100%, Frequency fluctuation within 0.25%
Three-phase load balancing within 5% range
Impact of telecommunication waves: TIF <50, THF <2% (according to IEC60034 standard)
Basic technical characteristics of synchronization:
Import synchronously, raw land, raw materials.
Fuel economy: Using an electronic governor, fuel consumption will depend on frequency of use.
Capable of overcoming high speed with some motors with high current coefficient.
High mechanical strength.
Quality is 100% controlled and tested by the Mitsubishi factory before leaving the factory.
Ensure electrical safety when using.

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0911.77.08.78 - 0907.526.268

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