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Speed Controller ESD5111

Mã sản phẩm : SP5111
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Mô tả : Speed Controller ESD5111

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Speed Controller ESD5111

1 ESD5100 Series Speed Control Unit © 2018 Copyright All Rights Reserved ESD5100 Series Speed Control Unit 1.17.18 PIB 1000 E 4 2 OUTLINE DIAGRAM SPECIFICATIONS PERFORMANCE Isochronous Operation ±0.25 % or better Speed Range /Governor 1K - 7.5K Hz Continuous Speed Drift with Temperature ±0.5% Typical Idle Adjust CW Min. 1200 Hz Below set speed Idle Adjust CCW Min. 4100 Hz Below set speed Droop Range 1 - 5% Regulation* Droop Adj. Max. (K-L Jumpered) 875 Hz., ±75 Hz per 1.0 A change Droop Adj. Min. (K-L Jumpered) 15 Hz., ±6 Hz per 1.0 A change Speed Trim Range ±200 Hz Remote Variable Speed Range 500 - 3.7 kHz Terminal Sensitivity J L N P 115 Hz., ±15 Hz/Volt @ 5 K Impedance 735 Hz., ±60 Hz/Volt @ 65 K Impedance 148 Hz., ±10 Hz/Volt @ 1 M Impedance 10 VDC Supply @ 20 mA Max. PHYSICAL Dimensions See Outline Diagram 4 Weight 1.2 lb.(0.545 kg) Mounting Any Position, vertical preferred RELIABILITY Vibration 1G, 20-100 Hz Testing 100% Functionally Tested ENVIRONMENTAL Ambient Temperature -40° to +185°F (-40° to +85°C) Relative Humidity up to 95% All Surface Finishes Fungus proof and corrosion resistant RoHS Regulation Compliant INPUT POWER DC Supply 12 or 24 VDC Battery Systems (Transient and Reverse Voltage Protected) Polarity Negative Ground (case isolated) Power Consumption 100 mA (No actuator current) Speed Signal Range 0.5 – 50 VAC Actuator Current Range 10 Amps continuous @ 77°F (25°C) Speed Signal Range 1.0 to 50.0 VAC COMPLIANCE / STANDARDS Agency CE Requirements LEAD CIRCUIT JUMPER Ø0.27 (127) (127) DEAD TIME COMPENSATION JUMPER (6,8) CW EXTERNAL SELECTOR SWITCH (NOT REQUIRED FOR SINGLE SPEED ISOCHRONOUS OPERATION) OPTIONAL ACTUATOR CABLE SHIELDING TO MEET CE DIRECTIVE * SEE SPECIFIC ACTUATOR PUBLICATION FOR PROPER WIRING OF ACTUATOR BASED ON BATTERY VOLTAGE A C E F GH J L MN P CAUTION E1 E2 E3 DROOP S/N : MODEL: GA C OVERNORS MERICA ORP. MADE IN AGAWAM, MA U.S.A. SPEED CONTROL UNIT STABILITY IDLE DROOP SPEED GAIN ACTUATOR PICK-UP AUX 10V - + D K SPEED TRIM S1 FUSE 15A MAX ACTUATOR ENGINE SPEED CONTROL COMPONENT. WHEN INSTALLING OR SERVICING REFER TO PRODUCT PUBLICATION. 5.00 5.00 BATTERY B ESD51xx ACCESSORY POWER SUPPLY ACCESSORY INPUT GROUND REFERENCE DROOP RANGE ADD JUMPER TO INCREASE IDLE ISOCHRONOUS MAGNETIC PICK-UP E7 E6 _ + BATTERY OFF ON 2 SOFT COUPL 1 OFF ON LEAD CIRCUIT 1 2 1 ESD5131, ESD513 and ESD5151 o OFF ON 2 SOFT COUPLING 1 OFF ON LEAD CIRCUIT 1 2 1 2 1 INTRODUCTION The ESD5100 Series speed control unit is an all electronic device designed to control engine speed with fast and precise response to transient load changes. This closed loop control, when connected to a proportional electric actuator and supplied with a magnetic speed sensor signal, will control a wide variety of engines in an isochronous or droop mode. It is designed for high reliability and is hard potted to withstand the engine environment. The ESD5131 is a derivation of the standard GAC ESD5111 Speed Control Unit. All specifi cations, installation procedures, and adjustments, except those noted are identical.

The ESD5131 comes with DIP switches which allow for the selection of the Lead Circuit and Soft Coupling features. The ESD5111 comes with the Lead circuit already enabled via a jumper across posts E7 and E6. See Section 8. NOTE PART NUMBER FEATURES ESD5111 Multi VDC / Standard Unit ESD5111T Multi VDC / Temperature Compensated ESD5119 Multi VDC / Cummins EFC Reverse Acting (Normally open) ESD5120 Multi VDC / Light-Force (Low Current Optimized) Cummins EFC Forward Acting (Normally Closed) ESD5131 Multi VDC / Switchable Soft Coupling and Lead Circuit ESD5159 Multi VDC / Expanded Frequency Range to 14 kHz ESD5160 Multi VDC / Cummins EFC Reverse Acting for Fire Pump Applications / Expanded Frequency Range to 10.5 kHz 3 CONTROLLER MODELS Switches On ESD5131 Only 2 5 INSTALLATIONS See Section 4 for more dimensions Mount in a cabinet, engine enclosure, or sealed metal box. 

Document : Speed Controller ESD5111 - Speed Controller ESD5111B - ESD5100 Series

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